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Business collaboration bake-off Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Business Collaboration Tool Bake-off: Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

In a traditional bake-off, judges decide which version of a sweet treat is the best. Since no one brought a box of D.C. Doughnuts and another from Federal Doughnuts for us to compare, we’ll stick with a business collaboration tool bake-off and look at Microsoft Teams vs. Slack. At first glance, the unified communications platforms[…]

Nortec scores 8 Microsoft Gold competencies

How an IT Provider with Microsoft Gold Competencies Benefits Your Business

At the start of the Olympics, athletes in every sport are unified by one goal: going for the gold. The medal (along with silver and bronze) designates those athletes as the best in the world at what they do. Microsoft has a similar system designed to highlight superior partners: Competencies. It requires fewer sessions in[…]

Man using Microsoft Teams as a business communication and collaboration tool.

Anything Your Phone Can Do Microsoft Teams Can Do Better

Before mobile devices allowed us to answer calls anywhere, we relied on home phones and answering machines. The flexibility and quality offered by cell phones led many people to ditch traditional home phone systems, but office phones remained largely unaffected. Phone services through Microsoft Teams could change that. The calling feature in Microsoft Teams turns[…]

Microsoft Teams for collaboration

Microsoft Teams Guide: Leverage the Latest Collaboration Tool

When you contemplated future technologies as a kid it probably included flying cars, hoverboards and teleportation. This Jetsons-esque life isn’t available (yet) but products that change how we work are. One notable recent release is Microsoft Teams, a platform that provides a new landscape of collaboration and productivity. Teams won’t help you zoom past a[…]

How to Make Migrating to Windows 10 Easy

Cookie cutters are simple and produce uniform shapes with little effort. They’re great for baking but terrible for your IT strategy. Even for something that seems as simple as Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 End of Support (EOS) planning. Right now, we’re in the sunsetting period for Windows 7 and Server 2008. Proactive small[…]

Microsoft Teams is a Slam Dunk

Microsoft Teams is a Slam Dunk for Your Employees

Every year, workplace productivity takes a hit when the NCAA tournament tips off. We can’t prevent this kind of downtime, but we can help make your employees more efficient throughout the rest of the year with Microsoft Teams. A collaboration and productivity platform that outpaces popular Slack and is backed with easy integration with Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications, Teams is[…]

Master Migration: What You Need to Know About Moving to the Cloud

The cloud makes services that were once only possible for large companies viable for small to medium-sized businesses. Once you move beyond Office 365, you can take advantage of solutions like pre-coded application components that reduce time spent coding or virtual machines to eliminate hardware concerns. This is only beneficial if you can successfully migrate[…]

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