Get the Most From Your Cloud Services

The cloud is complex.  Getting the most from the cloud – and your investment – means understanding a myriad of configurations, instance types, storage options, availability zones, and pricing plans. And they’re constantly changing.

Here are 3 essential things to keep in mind in order to maximize your cloud services:

  1. Bridge the Knowledge Gap
    There is an underlying knowledgebase required of your IT team that is different when you move to the cloud.  They need to know how to design, architect, and manage a new environment that runs differently from a traditional on-premise infrastructure.  If you don’t have the expertise, maximizing cloud services will be impossible.
  1. Do an Infrastructure Analysis
    An in-depth data analysis can make a huge difference for companies migrating to the cloud and optimizing your cloud environments once there. Running a detailed performance analysis on computer, storage, and network resources that includes metrics such as observed peak CPU utilization, storage capacity, and IOPS is essential for optimization.
  1. Consider a Cloud Services Partner to Manage Your Solution
    Cloud principles and architecture are unique compared to traditional on-premises practices.  Internal IT resources may not necessarily have the understanding of the shifts and trends of today’s technology landscape.  If you or