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Nortec is an award-winning managed service provider supporting companies throughout the mid-Atlantic area. With customized solutions for unified communications, messaging, desktop & server management, storage and security, Nortec helps clients gain a competitive edge in today’s IT environment. With on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid solutions available, we offer managed services and responsive customer support to transform communication, security, storage and more. Whether you’re a growing small business or a global industry leader, making the transition to “the cloud,” can seem intimidating, costly or simply unfeasible for businesses concerned about security, storage, privacy and cost. At Nortec, our team of managed service providers will take the time to learn about your business’s unique goals, needs, and challenges in order to develop and implement customized IT solutions.

Technology is changing the way people work, and Nortec is here to keep your business on the cutting-edge. With more people than ever working remotely on a wide range of devices at any given time, Nortec offers secure, scalable solutions to help businesses utilize their favorite applications in new highly productive ways. From video chats to desktop backups, our managed services help businesses streamline their daily workflow and reduce IT costs in ways that weren’t possible only three years ago. Regardless of the size of your business you need expert advice and an advisor to guide you in monetizing your IT investment. That’s exactly what our vCIO sessions address. They are designed to keep you up to date on the current state of the art and allow you to ask difficult questions such as concerns around affordability and scalability as it applies to your business. The end game of the vCIO session and our managed services is to keep your business ahead of the curve in the constantly changing world of cloud services. Hands-on customer support and extensive compliance expertise, have earned us the trust of our clients by delivering excellence throughout the entire solution lifecycle. Explore Nortec’s managed services solutions to learn how we can simplify your IT and empower your business.