Hybrid Unified Communications

Get the best of both worlds with onsite & cloud-based communications

In addition to on-premise and cloud unified communications, Nortec also manages hybrid communications that allow businesses to utilize existing infrastructure with the flexibility of the cloud. Our cutting-edge hybrid unified communications solutions can be customized to suit the unique needs of any business growth model, to ensure your communications are ready to meet today’s needs, and grow with your company in the future. As your business needs change, the managed service providers at Nortec can help maintain a unified communications system that supports you every step of the way.

Hybrid Communications and Collaboration (UCC) combines the latest technology in cloud computing with traditional on-prem systems of communication such as VOIP phone systems. Many businesses are hesitant to jump into the deep-end of cloud communications with a completely cloud-based environment. Others businesses have invested heavily in on-site data centers and infrastructure that they want to continue to utilize. Moreover, the dual use of on-premise and cloud communications provides businesses with added benefits such as redundancy as a fail-safe for protecting communication systems. UCaaS also enables mixed-mode communications, so users can seamlessly transition between cloud and on-premise platforms. For example, users can spontaneously share documents in the middle of a phone call, or automatically switch from a deskphone to a smartphone as they leave the office to continue a conversation. This duality allows for more rich, diverse communication between clients, partners, and employees.

Mitel Connect Hybrid

  • Mitel Connect’s hybrid unified communication system enables onsite customers to have applications delivered via the cloud. Hybrid apps such as Mitel Fax and Mitel Scribe (voicemail transcription) offer simple solutions to help reduce costs and improve productivity.
  • Scale your services at any time with easy “mixed deployments”
  • Budget strategically with increased financial flexibility as you combine Cap Ex and Op Ex
  • Enjoy the highest reliability and security in all communications
  • Expand your cloud services while maintain control over local systems
  • Automatically sync Mitel Connect Onsite, Cloud, and Hybrid Apps

Skype for Business Hybrid

You don’t have to choose between Skype for Business Server and Skype for Business Online with Microsoft’s customizable hybrid unified communications. Deploy a hybrid server from Microsoft that offers your IT department enhanced affordability, scalability and versatility, without overcomplicating your communications system.

  • Users can employ split domain between server and online according to their needs
  • Integrate cloud services gradually over time
  • Use Skype for Business Server with Exchange Online
  • Versatile architectural options to maximize business continuity and disaster recovery

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