10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft is touting Windows 10 as the best Windows yet.  But is it right for your organization?  Here are 10 reasons it might be:

It’s familiar. With Windows 10, Microsoft has brought back the best of Windows 7 and 8 in desktop and touchscreen interfaces. The Start menu has returned so you can locate files and apps quickly and easily.

  1. It’s fast. Windows 10 is lightning fast at startup and when resuming.
  2. Upgrading is easy. Depending on your setup, upgrading could take mere minutes.
  3. Cortana. Cortana’s voice command feature requires no manual activation (like Siri), and is more reliable than Google Now. 
  4. Edge. With a simple interface and super-smart address bar, Edge may become your most preferred browser.
  5. Continuum. Windows 10 easily morphs from a touch-focused platform to traditional desktop platform using what Microsoft calls “Continuum,” because of the seamless transition between different work environments.
  6. App improvements. New Windows 10 look and work better than in previous Windows versions, especially Mail and Calendar.  And the upgraded Windows store app makes finding and installing apps easier, too.
  7. Multi-Doing. If multi-tasking is your thing, then features like Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist will help you do more at one time.
  8. Windows Hello. With the concept of “you are the password,” Windows Hello recognizes you and greets you by name, providing a fast and secure way to log in.
  9. Security. Features like Windows Defender, always-enabled updates and SmartScreen make Windows 10 the most secure Windows to date.


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