Webinar: Single Sign-On

The way we work has changed: we now do our jobs anywhere, any time, and from any device.  Securely connecting your people, applications and devices is essential. This allows you to accelerate your business and streamline IT.Learn how to transition from managing technology to designing and optimizing experiences for employees, partners, customers, and products.


                –          Easy Access for Employees, control for IT  

                –          Secure Identity Management 

                –          Single sign-on to cloud and premise-based apps 

                –          Simplistic multi-factor authentication 

                –          Easier password management 

                –          Streamline employee onboarding 

                –          Consistent, secure experience across devices 

Join us on this webinar and let us show you how to begin experiencing and implementing identity in a reimagined, simple way.

Thursday, November 6th
11:30a-12:30p EST
Presenter: Paul Wismar
Senior Systems Consultant, Nortec

RSVP for log in instructions:
Alison Childs / 703.288.7222



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