2020 is Challenging All of Us

2020 will be remembered as an unpredictable year when we remade how we structure our lives and interact with each other. We’re being called on to think about what changes we need to make in our personal lives, businesses and communities. Within the Nortec family, we’ve witnessed the deep pain caused by the loss of a family member to COVID-19 and the personal investment people have in the calls for social justice. The country is struggling, and so are we. This is an unprecedented time, and it’s hard to conceptualize what life will look like a month or year from now. We can only take it one day, or week, at a time.

We’re Here and We’re Listening

Our clients have always known when they pick up the phone to call us they’re calling a person, not a number. This has been true throughout the pandemic. As an essential business, we didn’t close. We have been available with remote-capable IT support and services.

The conversations are hard for everybody. One of our clients had 10 stores boarded up and 1 burned down as a result of the recent unrest. Business leaders are grappling with questions about when and how they can finally reopen and if they can make ends meet running at limited capacity.

We’ve been helping businesses with more than IT services. Since early March, we’ve offered strategic insights and business-focused advice to our clients. At first, this meant helping businesses set up remote-work solutions. As the lockdown stretched beyond initial predictions and the economic conditions worsened, our focus shifted to working through financial issues caused by remote work. With everyone working from home, cloud usage increased. It’s an extra cost some cannot afford right now. We’re helping clients better understand how to control costs and preserve capital.

Uncertain, But United

How we’re going to do business together for the next 6 months will be different than how we did business in the past 6 years. No one knows how the rest of 2020 will unfold or when people will be comfortable returning to offices. The pandemic is likely to continue its pattern of hitting communities at different times. When our clients in Pennsylvania and Florida started to reopen, the Washington, D.C. area was still mostly locked down. With the hurricane season underway, a potential second wave of infections coming and tensions likely to flare as we approach the 2020 elections, our communities will continue to have varied needs. No matter what happens, we remain committed to providing the support they expect and deserve.

Our help desk is available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, and our entire team continues to work with clients remotely. We’re dealing with extraordinary circumstances, and it’s becoming clear we need new ways to think about business in the new normal. As we emerge from lockdown, predicting the path ahead will be even more complex than ever. It’s important to be ready to be agile. At Nortec, we believe we have to work together to provide solutions and support – to our community and within our company. When everyone started working remotely, we began hosting virtual happy hours and checking twice a week during lunch to prevent isolation. We’re proud to have a diverse team and have recently had conversations about how to best support each other and maintain an inclusive work environment.

We’re Physically Distant – Not Disengaged

Society is already finding ways to adapt. When graduation season arrived, houses in our neighborhood put out yard signs congratulating the class of 2020, and car after car of new graduates drove past in a parade. It wasn’t a “normal” way to celebrate graduates. But, our definitions of “normal” are changing. Too much has happened recently to think we’ll go back to how life was in late 2019. As a country, we’re still processing what this means, but by working together we’ll find a way forward. We’ll do this by staying engaged with our communities, clients and colleagues.

When you need us, we’ll be here for you: https://www.nortec.com/contact-us/

Nortec Communications - Washington D.C