Skype for Business Could Make You Re-Think Your Phone System

Skype for Business Could Make You Re-Think Your Phone System
Cloud PBX and PSTN Offer Big Benefits at Low Cost

New enhancements to Skype for Business have made it a serious contender as the primary communication management application for any enterprise – large, small or in between.  Three key features make Skype for Business worth consideration as a replacement for your existing PBX, conferencing and collaboration tools. You can get a lot of functionality for a very small investment.

PSTN Conferencing

Skype for Business PSTN Conferencing allows you to search, acquire, and assign phone numbers to users in your organization so that they can make and receive calls inside and outside of the organization, directly from Office 365 on the public switched telephone network (PSTN). Users can make voice calls with Skype for Business devices, including VoIP phones, PCs, and mobile devices and can use features like mute/unmute, hold/resume, call transfers, and call forwarding.

Benefits:  One solution for any type of meeting, offers significant savings on audio conferencing and consolidates your meeting spend.

Cloud PBX

The Skype for Business Cloud PBX system allows you to use either your existing phone lines or the Skype for Business PSTN service for inbound and outbound calls. Skype for Business Cloud PBX enables users to place, receive, transfer, mute and unmute calls from anywhere.  You can choose a deployment that is fully cloud-based, or a hybrid deployment that utilizes Cloud PBX as well as on-prem functionality.

Benefits: Cost savings on voice and PBD with a complete Unified Communications and Collaboration solution.

PSTN Connectivity

Cloud PBX with on-premises PSTN connectivity enables you to move users to the cloud via Skype for Business, while maintaining on-premises PSTN connectivity. You can continue to use your existing PBX to provide PSTN connectivity for users in the cloud, and once ported, both cloud and legacy PBX users can make and receive calls using their regular phone number on PC, smart phone or Skype for Business desk phone.

Benefits:  Leverage your existing communications infrastructure with Office 365

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