3 Questions about Moving to the Cloud

So you’re not sure whether it’s time to move to the cloud.

You’ve got an IT budget, but where does the cloud fit in? What should you migrate, what should be left untouched? What cloud elements offer a competitive advantage? Which solutions will save you money and time? Is the cloud right for your company?

The short answer is: yes.

The cloud is right for all businesses. But how, when, why, and what are all nuanced answers that you must answer very carefully.

There are experts out there to be your partner to make this journey with you. Don’t be in the dark ages just because the answers aren’t readily apparent.

3 questions to answer about moving to the cloud:

  1. How are your IT systems running, as a whole?

Take a quick assessment to determine if you’re experiencing slow performance, apps failing, email that isn’t responsive, disk drive failure, and so on. If the answer is yes, a move to the cloud would improve all of your concerns. You can work with an experienced IT partner to swap out your network in seamless weekend migration and instantly change the way you work – no interruptions, no lost productivity and workflows maintained. 

  1. Are there line-of-business applications you sense you’re missing out on?

The cloud offers many advanced capabilities, streamlining business critical applications that can make doing business easier on your staff and improve the satisfaction of your clients. Is this appealing to you? Have you taken advantage of this yet? Keeping these types of applications in-house requires a lot of maintenance, oversite, and upgrades, not to mention cutting-edge technical expertise and innovation. The cloud can do all of this for you, while simultaneously removing the headache or stress. 

  1. Are you bogged down by the financial outlay of in-house technology management?

The up-front investments, the ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs, the unpredictable expenses…. Do you want to stop the madness? With a cloud system, there’s no need to experience these heavy financial burdens. With cloud, all that’s required is a single, predictable, monthly operational expense, freeing up your budget for other business priorities.

With Nortec Communications your cloud move will be friction-free. It starts with our first-hand customer immersion experience, setting the stage for your cloud investment before you spend a penny. You’ll see how the cloud’s way of working makes you more productive, efficient, and saves you money. With a fixed price, automated tools to migrate, and a single resource to handle it all, you will gain a plethora of advantages, while removing the pains of the past.  Ongoing virtual CIO sessions, end user training and support will keep your business on the latest tools and highly productive.

For more information on how Nortec will transform your business, call us at (866) 531-1990.

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