3 IT Disruptions That Expose Your Business to Risk

Think of your IT infrastructure like this: Airline flight delays and cancellations are disruptive and frustrating in many ways. If one thing goes wrong – i.e. with an operational system such as ones that support luggage handling, mechanical maintenance, or plane scheduling – expose you, the traveler, to the risk of not getting from point A to point B as expected.

The same is true for your business operations, and the role that technology plays in keeping productivity high.

IT disruptions, interruptions, and eruptions can happen to any company, especially if you’re not prepared. They can put the monetary value of your data at risk and place a high price tag to get your business operations running again.

If you have recently experienced a major outage, or are currently experiencing frequent problems with back-ups and slow systems, your company productivity is adversely effected.

Even more, the operational side of your business can be especially impacted by an unstable IT environment, which trickles down further into your organization until your clients also feel the pain.

And we all know the buck stops – literally – with your clients.

The bottom line is that when it comes to protecting your IT infrastructure, you need to ensure that you are minimizing your business risk, not creating it by failing to protect.

Here are the top 3 disruptions to your business that you should BEWARE of:

  1. Unrecoverable loss of data.
    So you have a back-up solution in place, great. But do you know if it’s working, when is the last time you restored data from a backup? Same with business continuity and disaster recovery. You have a system in place, but have you ever failed over to the recovery system or will the first time be during a catastrophic failure? Seems pretty risky, right?Cloud computing keeps your data secure, ensures 100% access to information, and protects your organization from disruptions such as the unrecoverable loss of data.
  1. An outage of a key operational system.
    You see it starting to happen… Minor things like systems locking up, slow performance, systems approaching end of life, a system went down and it took over an hour to get it back up. It’s the snowball effect during a major blizzard, and could lead to that pesky flight delay problem.Imagine you provide ground and cargo handling services, for example. In the event of an outage, stabilizing the data center is critical. Given this type of business, we have a business critical situation with impacts to passengers, flights, and personnel, not to mention your company’s reputation.
  1. Not having a fail-over system to recover back-ups.
    You need to be able to quickly respond to any IT disruption. In the case of back-up recovery, time is of the essence. What would happen if a backup generator went down (or you didn’t even have a backup generator), it could take a week to get back online – imagine if you will, how disruptive that would be to your business.Again, a cloud solution is within reach, to protect your organization.

Again, a cloud solution is within reach, to protect your organization.

Every business faces disruption risks that present threats to its success, which is why using processes, methods, and tools for managing these business risks is imperative.

Nortec specializes in protecting your organization from these IT disruptions, interruptions, and eruptions. Nortec identifies what could go wrong, evaluates which risks should be dealt with, and implements systems and strategies to deal with those risks. It’s a fact that businesses that are better prepared and are using the latest IT technology, experience significantly less disruptions and outages. They also now have a more cost-effective way of dealing with them.

Nortec Communications can be this expert. With Nortec Communications, you won’t have to worry about business exposure and risks caused from disruptions and outages. For more information on how Nortec can revolutionize your IT experience, call us at 866-531-1990.

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