3 Trends Driving Video Conferencing Right Now

LifeSize_Icon_SeriesNow more than ever, enterprises are looking for ways to improve workforce collaboration and reduce travel and operational expenses. New advances in technology – and much, much lower costs – are making videoconferencing technologies a more realistic option for many. Here’s a look at some of the recent advancements in videoconferencing:

  1. Affordability. Video conferencing is now more affordable than ever, and the technology has never been better. If video has been out of your budgetary reach, now is the time to take a second look. The LifeSize Icon Series is a line of high performance video systems that offers businesses a simplified, highly intuitive user experience – at a cost of two to three times less than comparable systems. The system is also tightly integrated with LifeSize’s UVC Platform and its applications. The integration helps businesses control the costs of video, by enabling them to buy only the applications that are needed, and to add more as demands dictate.
  2. Ease of Use. Collaboration tools, like videoconferencing, must be easy to use for people to engage with them. Videoconferencing systems, like Lifesize’s Icon Series, are so easy to use that anyone can walk right into a room and be on their video conference, with the single push of a button, in just seconds. Users also can stream and record a meeting by pressing a single button, bring in multiple parties in a scheduled or ad hoc fashion, and easily upgrade the system, including changing the number of screens, type of camera and resolutions.
  3. High Performance, Powerful Experience. High-definition capabilities are now available at significantly lower price points, so that clear, fluid, detailed video creates a natural and engaging experience that enables collaboration – no matter what the budget.

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