But how to choose a Cloud Services Provider (CSP)?

Your CSP should be an IT steward, facilitator and Sherpa all rolled into one – a provider of IT services designed to help a business operate more efficiently and sustain predictable business operations at all times.

Here are 4 things to keep in mind when choosing a cloud services provider:

  • The right CSP will ask the right questions – about you, your goals and your business.
    Do you need certain characteristics and specifications to run your workload?  Your CSP should ask about your data and your requirements for moving your data.
  • Select a CSP that offers a Virtual CIO expert.
    Corporate IT strategy, quarterly technology performance reviews, budget planning and business impact analysis all are components of Virtual CIO options available by leading CSPs.
  • The Right CSP will sport a great track record
    It’s important to make sure that your CSP has an IT services pedigree with a track record of solid client retention and professional, knowledgeable consultants.
  • The Right CSP will understand your industry
    A knowledgeable CSP will make recommendations for improvements beyond your hardware and software. They should provide insight for improved workflow, training, and software systems.

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