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Company in need of cutting- edge technology and an external highly skilled, knowledgeable technical staff

Kfoury Construction group, one of the largest general contractors in the DC metro area, was founded in 1982 with the mission to provide superior general contracting and project management services by delivering quality construction projects of exceptional value. Kfoury has been recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 500 fastest growing companies. Mid-Atlantic Construction Magazine ranks the company as one of the top contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region, and the Washington Business Journal consistently ranks Kfoury as one of the region’s top 20 interiors construction firms.

Business Situation

Kfoury Construction’s office runs with approximately forty staff using Windows XP, and Microsoft Office running on five servers. The busy office relies on technology to support its construction operations. Industry specific packages like AutoCAD, high-end graphics, and file management for architectural design files mandate robust resources and efficient storage.

Kfoury knew it needed assistance to keep their system up-to-date and running smoothly. Cutting- edge technology called for highly skilled, knowledgeable technical staff.

It was also important that the specific needs of the company were addressed. They needed a person familiar with their users and their business to support them on an on-going basis. This critical business requirement needed attention but did not justify adding additional staff.

It was clear that Nortec would provide the perfect solution for their business.

The Solution

Kfoury hired Nortec to provide four hours of consultation, once a month, on a retainer basis.

Nortec’s experienced, Microsoft certified, technicians provide full system coverage for the company’s technical infrastructure.

Regularly scheduled maintenance tasks and user support issues are both addressed. This includes; hardware issues, server updates, setup of new systems, application troubleshooting, user training, and consulting on various technical issues that arise. Potential technical failures are prevented. System backups are checked, system logs are reviewed, virus updates are verified, warranty programs are maintained, and licensing is kept up-to-date.

The partnership between Kfoury and Nortec ensures that the technology Kfoury needs to support its business is reliable, secure, and most importantly, cost effective.

The Benefits

The maintenance contract saves Kfoury the cost of hiring and managing a fulltime support person. The overall savings to the bottom line are considerable. This is especially true if taxes, benefits, turn-over, re-training, and employee absences are taken into account.

Rosalyn Unalivia, of Kfoury, notes, “Nortec’s maintenance plan is a cost effective solution for us, the technicians are familiar with our system, we don’t have to spend the time to learn about new technical solutions and how to maintain them.”

Nortec technicians arrive with multiple skill sets, ready to provide the right technical expertise the company needs, when it needs it. Rosalyn says that she is confident that the servers are set-up and configured properly. It is one aspect of the business she does not need to worry about.

Nortec’s plan is scalable. As Kfoury grows Nortec grows with it. This is critical to a fast growing company such as Kfoury.

Nortec provides end-to-end support for any technical solution introduced to Kfoury. It provides the products, configures the system, and provides on-going support. Accountability and familiarity is built into the process. Nortec’s technicians gain an in-depth knowledge of the business, producing an efficient working relationship.

Issues relating to technology are left to the experts, Nortec. Kfoury can remain focused on their fast growing, demanding business. As a result, Rosalyn has come to rely on Nortec. Should a problem arise, Rosalyn can get immediate help on the phone. Issues are resolved in a timely, professional manner. “I have no problem reaching Nortec whenever I require support,” says Rosalyn.

A true partnership has developed between Kfoury and Nortec. Nortec has provided a reliable, customer focused, cost-effective service.

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