Growing Company Expands with HP Network, Mitel and Aerohive Solutions

Growing Company Expands with HP Network, Mitel and Aerohive Solutions

The Background

Founded in 1994, Sparta Systems offers solutions that minimize risk and provide ROI for customers by providing a platform for achieving compliance, improving control and reducing costs. The company maintains an extensive customer base in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, CROs, consumer products, electronics manufacturing and other highly regulated industries. Its corporate office is located in Hamilton, NJ, with offices as well in Singapore, Israel, London and Berlin.

The Challenge

As a company that has been rapidly expanding domestically and internationally, Sparta Systems has undergone some technological growing pains. Vincent Bocelli, Director of Global Information Technology for Sparta says, “Sparta has been expanding very quickly and our technology infrastructure simply was not adequate to support the expansion.” And amidst the global expansion, came a move of its corporate offices from an older building into a newer one. Bocelli knew he needed to upgrade several systems if the company was going to support future expansions as well as its impending move.

Having utilized HP networking equipment for years, Mr. Bocelli began by considering a HP network solution as a solid foundation for the company’s new office supportive of future expansion – as well as enable central management of switching and routing. Mr. Bocelli was also considering Mitel solutions, which he knew worked well with HP systems, and could leverage PoE. Aerohive Wireless Network was the third system Bocelli considered for its technology plan, largely due to its scalability and also because it was approved for use in Israel, where one of Sparta’s offices is located.

“Since Nortec has the skill set with all of these solutions,” Bocelli says, he looked to Nortec for implementation.

The Solution

“We’d performed a lot of research on the solutions we wanted,” says Mr. Bocelli, “insuring they would support our business goals.” Mitel was an ideal solution for Sparta because it would allow its global workforce to stay connected where Sparta operates.

Aerohive also aligned well with Sparta’s goals because as its employees move around the world, they would not be burdened with connecting with different networks. All employees would have access to the same resources no matter where they travelled.

Due to shifting timelines, Nortec just had a little over two weeks to implement the HP network wireless network and phone system. Tim Weaver, Nortec Engineer, began by doing some pre-configuring so that the systems would be up and running once the datacenter was finished. In fact, Sparta was still doing construction on the data center when Nortec came in to configure the networks. “Amazingly all systems worked from day one,” says Mr. Bocelli.

In addition, Sparta wanted both the new and old locations up and running prior to the move to ensure a smooth transition. Weaver says that he used the Aerohive device to bridge the network from the old location while implementing the phone system up in the new location. “This allowed Sparta to use the solution before they were even in the new location,” Weaver says, “making for a very seamless move.” Once in the new building, Sparta was able to shut down the old location, with zero impact to the new location or systems.


Mr. Bocelli says the biggest benefits he’s seeing from Aerohive and the HP network are the centrally managed systems. In addition, Mr. Bocelli notes: “Aerohive gives us the ability to segregate networks from a security standpoint, so that designated groups have access to sensitive networks, guests are allowed internet access only.” In terms of its upgraded phone system, “Mitel’s features allow us to operate as a global Enterprise instead of regional ,” says Bocelli. Its global workforce can connect from anywhere at anytime seamlessly.

These scalable, flexible technologies place Sparta in a position to support its expansion – however and wherever business takes them.

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