Payroll and Business Services Company Collaborates with Nortec to Manage Exchange Migration Project

Payroll and Business Services Company Collaborates with Nortec to Manage Exchange Migration Project

The Background

PrimePay is a nationally recognized company with more than 30 offices located across the United States. Payroll processing and tax handling are currently performed in localized Operations Centers, servicing thousands of businesses and generating millions of payroll checks each year. PrimePay offers payroll and related business services in all 50 States.

The Challenge

PrimePay needed to consolidate and restructure its Exchange environment. PrimePay was working with two active directories and users were logging into both; its goal was to get Exchange from one server to the other. This would enable the organization’s IT department to only have to manage one set of identities as opposed to two, thereby decreasing work time and lightening IT’s load. However, PrimePay had neither the time nor the expertise necessary to do the migration on its own. As a result, the organization turned to Nortec for help.

The Solution

After reviewing various migration solutions, Nortec Engineer Kevin Wills chose Quest Migration Manager. Quest Migration Manager ensures zero impact on users, requires fewer resources than other solutions, secures data during the move, prevents errors and ensures that resources are used where they are most effective. Wills points out that “PrimePay had two different data centers in play; they were using one data center to back the other one up. By using an Exchange Database Availability Group, PrimePay gained a disaster recovery capability with the migration, and also became more geographically diverse, more available, and the site was made more resilient.”

According to Wills, “the whole project took a month and half from end to end.” Quest Migration tools were used to stage all the migration in advance; “we were able to move all of the mail ahead of time and then over a weekend, finalize the migration.” As a result, there was very little downtime and the process was very seamless to the end user.


Wills notes that this was a very collaborative project; he and PrimePay worked closely together to manage the entire exchange process. He provided the necessary high level expertise, while PrimePay conducted parts of the migration that were within its capabilities. As a result of the Exchange migration, PrimePay’s IT infrastructure is much more efficient: IT now only manages one set of identities, saving the department time and money.

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