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Philadelphia-Based Surgical Center Looks to Nortec to Resolve Current and Future IT Concerns

The Background

Blake GI Associates is the premier surgical center in Philadelphia for gastroenterology care. Blake GI Associates is privately owned, with a multi-racial/ethnic staff of about 20. Having served the community since 1996, Blake GI Associates serves the Greater Philadelphia Metropolitan area by providing colon cancer screenings, evaluations of GERD (acid reflux), stomach cancer, and ulcers.

The Challenge

With no in-house IT staff of its own, Blake GI Associates had been relying on a single IT consultant who was located out of state, making hands-on support inconvenient and time-consuming. Blake knew upgrades and improvements to the IT network were needed, but they also knew they needed keep costs down. Greg Simpson of Blake GI Associates explains: “We had an out of date back-up system, our email server needed to be upgraded, and we needed virus protection and additional security.” Some of Blake’s IT challenges had crept up over time, whereas others resulted from systems that had never been optimized from the start. “Blake GI Associates needed someone local who could provide remote monitoring, remediation and a remote help desk,” said Dennis Irwin of Nortec.

The Solution

Blake GI Associates found Nortec via the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and chose Nortec because of their 24/7 help desk and monitoring. In addition, Nortec’s services were in line with Blake’s budgetary concerns. Nortec performed an initial evaluation and learned that Blake had security and AV concerns at the desktop and e-mail level. In addition, backups were not running and had not run for a very long time. Through Nortec’s On-Site Professional Services, Unlimited Remote Monitoring and Management, and Help Desk, Blake GI Associates’ IT system has been upgraded and all previous IT problems have been resolved.

Blake’s Greg Simpson says, “Thanks to Nortec, we’ve made proper adjustments and we know we’re heading in the right direction.” Nortec provides 24/7 phone support, and if Blake needs additional help, Nortec will send an engineer on-site. Nortec’s remote monitoring provides ongoing maintenance and system checks, and Simpson notes that Nortec has been very timely when it comes to addressing any problems Blake has experienced.


Today, Blake’s IT infrastructure has been enhanced and Blake has further long-range plans to upgrade and continue working with Nortec. Nortec’s Shane Kavanaugh further notes that Blake now receives fewer calls and notices regarding their servers, resulting in less disruption of work flow and has boosted productivity.

Dennis Irwin of Nortec points out that now Blake is seeing reduced operating costs, a cost effective alternative to building its own NOC, scalability, and the advantages of a proactive approach to maintenance. Nortec has made Blake’s IT systems secure, more efficient, and ready to handle the next phase of growth.

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