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Businessman using Azure to work in the cloud

Everything You Need to Know About Azure Pricing

Azure’s pay-as-you-go model means you won’t spend money on resources you don’t need. But if Azure isn’t properly managed, costs can wildly fluctuate or spiral out of control, playing havoc with your budget. It’s deeply frustrating for anyone trying to estimate monthly Azure pricing for their company. Even after moving to the cloud, businesses wonder[…]

Man flying on a paper airplane through the cloud, IT support is easy and affordable concept

3 Ways Your IT Support Can Help You Preserve Capital

Coronavirus isn’t hitting every business the same way. Some are thriving, but many are re-evaluating every aspect of their operations and looking for ways to conserve capital. We don’t want your IT to suffer, so we came up with 3 ways to weather the storm without investing in large projects. 1. Leverage Your Current IT[…]

Person working remotely using video conferencing and collaboration system

How to Set Up Your Remote Workers Now

With the news warning us to increase social distance amid the coronavirus fears, more companies are recognizing the need to have their teams work remotely for the foreseeable future. Many are finding themselves unprepared to shift operations out of the office. Working remotely can put a certain strain on the business and the team. If[…]

Group of businesspeople working in the office

How Microsoft’s Modern Workplace is Changing How You Work

Managed modern workplace might sound as abstract as the latest avant-garde installation at the National Gallery of Art, but it’s a straightforward concept we designed to build on the increasingly popular Microsoft modern workplace. Here’s what you need to know. What is the Microsoft Modern Workplace? Microsoft 365 is the foundation for the modern workplace[…]

Defending Your Business’ Galaxy

The Rise of Azure Security, Defending Your Business’ Galaxy

At the beginning of a teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker you hear “we’ve passed on all we know.” We could pass on all our theories and ideas about Star Wars but should probably stick to what we know best: ways you can defend and grow your business using Microsoft Azure services. There[…]

Why a Security Industry Leader Chose Nortec as Their IT Provider

Background  The Security Industry Association (SIA) is a global trade association with more than 1,000 corporate members including manufacturers, integrators and distributors of converged IT/physical security solutions used throughout commercial, residential and government markets.  SIA’s mission is to help its member companies grow through the association’s strategic networking, research, standards, advocacy and learning and development[…]

Audience in conference room

3 Things We Learned at Microsoft Inspire You Need to Know

We recently attended Microsoft Inspire. The conference is like an IT barometer for businesses, telling stakeholders where Microsoft will be investing money and what technological changes to look out for. These are the 3 key takeaways your business needs to know about. 1. New Microsoft Licensing Options Could Save You Money For years, if businesses[…]

How Nortec Modernized IT for United Way of Southwestern PA

Background  United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania improves the lives of people in local communities through support services and advocacy. It is a branch of the national nonprofit; however, it manages its own operations. Business for United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania is cyclical, and it staffs up or down throughout the year. There are 150 full-time[…]

Microsoft Offers New Flexible Licensing Options

Microsoft Offers New Flexible Licensing Options for Companies

Through its Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program, Microsoft has introduced an enhanced pay-as-you-go licensing structure that gives businesses even more flexibility in paying only for the software and licenses needed at any given time. While the specifics are nuanced, the shift makes licensing more cost-effective for many organizations. The traditional method of licensing, Enterprtise Agreement[…]

Business collaboration bake-off Microsoft Teams or Slack.

Business Collaboration Tool Bake-off: Microsoft Teams vs. Slack

In a traditional bake-off, judges decide which version of a sweet treat is the best. Since no one brought a box of D.C. Doughnuts and another from Federal Doughnuts for us to compare, we’ll stick with a business collaboration tool bake-off and look at Microsoft Teams vs. Slack. At first glance, the unified communications platforms[…]

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