Cloud Phones – Philadelphia

The revolution is in the cloud

Cloud phones are essential in bringing the workforce together with the ability to communicate from anywhere, including Philadelphia. A cloud based phone system is a communication service that is delivered through the internet, surpassing the on-premise handsets. By using this cloud based system you are able to route multiple calls just by using an internet connection. The technology world especially in Philadelphia is constantly changing, using a cloud phone system allows for quicker and more efficient changes as communications evolve.

What Sets a Cloud Based Phone System Apart?

Cloud phones can help to save your business in the Philadelphia area, 40-80% on your phone bill. By using the internet connection, you don’t have to rely on the traditional on-premise hardware or the maintenance that comes with it. Another great benefit to cloud phone systems is it gives you the ability to manage your system without needing the extra IT support. Cloud based phones provide many applications including virtual voicemails, call recording, and paperless faxing.

Skype for Business  

Get the most out of your cloud phone systems with Skype for Business Philadelphia. This has helped to cut costs by combining your everyday Office Apps like Powerpoint and Excel for an easy and seamless meeting. Skype for business gives you the ability to meet with up to 250 people around the world, all by using a phone or internet connection.

Lifesize Cloud

Cloud based phone systems allow you to connect through high quality video inside or outside of the office in Philadelphia. Lifesize Cloud ensures your best business decisions. For users and businesses, video call systems are easy to manage along with saving Philadelphia businesses money overtime. Lifesize Cloud provides flexibility to join from different devices via video or audio.

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