Cloud Security

The Future of Business is Here.

Many organizations in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are confronting cybercrime in a very real and personal sense.  An attack is no longer an abstract headline in the paper, it’s a significant breach of your key financial information, customer data, most powerful administrative user accounts and/or most secure passwords. You now know just how vulnerable and exposed you are because you’ve been breached. The challenges of cybercrime can be addressed directly with cloud-based security in a manner and cost that was unthinkable in the old on-premise security technology model. Change the future of your business by making the switch to cloud based security solutions.

On-Premise Security vs. Cloud Security

Cloud enabled security has significant advantages over static on-premise security models.  By enabling security with the cloud, defensive systems can be continuously updated with the latest threat vectors emerging anywhere around the world. The cloud is proven to be less complex and more cost efficient than on-premise security. Web application-based attacks have hit both service provider environments and on-premise environments, but on-premise environments suffer more data incidents than those in the cloud.

Why YOUR Business Needs to Make the Switch

You know your business needs cloud security; you just don’t know where to start. Let Nortec’s team help you transition from on-premise computing to cloud computing utilizing the superior cloud security solutions model. Our cloud security solutions have been refined and deployed over a variety of enterprises and business models to ensure your companies systems and data are safe.

Identity and Access Management

With more users on more devices, increased security and identity and access management is essential. Nortec’s identity and access management ensures secure access, detecting unusual behavior to help stop cybercrime in its tracks. Identity-based management allows businesses to comply with the evolving needs of business applications by creating secure access to cloud-based resources. See how Nortec’s identity and access management can help your company protect itself.

Hybrid Cloud Security Challenges

With more and more businesses transitioning from traditional security and business applications to cloud security and cloud applications, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to keep up with both types of security. The hybrid cloud security challenges are no different than on-premise cloud security. Many of the responsibilities associated with security for your data in the cloud are like securing the data on-premise.

Hybrid cloud security is similar to on-premise; however, it is more affordable. There is a lot of complexity of setting up a multifactor authentication, but access control is far easier to deploy and costs far less than on-premise.  Nortec is making enterprise class functionality available at lower prices with less complexity and rapidly rolling it out into business to continue to fight the cyber criminals.

Make the transition from on-premise security to the cloud.

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