IT Cloud Consulting

Large enterprises with full-fledged IT departments have had a business advantage for many years: IT experts on their leadership teams. Many small- and medium-sized businesses cannot afford to add this resource in-house and are increasingly looking to IT Consulting and IT Cloud Consultant solutions to fill this gap.


Affordable, Strategic IT Cloud Consulting 

When you engage an IT consultant to be a IT consultant, you gain a business partner. With a cloud consultnt you can: 

  • Achieve your business goals by aligning an IT plan with your overall strategy
  • Increase efficiency and revenue by using innovative technologies to boost productivity and streamline operations
  • Adopt systems and security measures that ease compliance process and lock down security
  • Protect your business against an ever-changing range of cyberthreats

An IT cloud consultant is more than a technology partner. They have an IT background and also understand key business issues. With one eye on the future, cloud consultants and IT consultants look for ways to resolve an immediate problem with a solution that will scale and grow with your business in the long run. This is much more effective than a break-fix model because you won’t continually rely on quick fixes and instead address root causes to eliminate problems.

What to Look for in an IT Cloud Consultant

You need a IT cloud consultant who understands your business model and proposes solutions based on your operational, growth, budgetary, compliance and security concerns. At Nortec, we start all client conversations with questions to address these considerations, even when we aren’t offering cloud consultant services. It is an important step because it helps us fully understand the initial issue and discover other potential problems. Then solutions can be designed to help the client achieve growth. 

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We continue to use similar processes once we start working with companies. For instance, when companies move to the cloud, we’ll meet with the stakeholders and conduct a whiteboard session to walk through each phase of the migration and answer questions. 

A provider with a breadth and depth of knowledge

You want proof the provider you engage for IT consulting services understands the systems and solutions your organization uses. The provider should have case studies published on their website that demonstrate how their strategic guidance has benefited their clients. Awards and certifications, such as Microsoft competencies, are another way to find out if IT consultants have the expertise you need. These demonstrate your provider has a depth of knowledge about the IT systems underpinning your business. Partners must prove their capabilities through exams, experience and client testimonials to earn and maintain a competency. 

Nortec’s Cloud Consulting Services can Help Your Organization Achieve its Goals

Nortec offers cloud consultant services and IT consulting in regions along the east coast including Washington, D.C, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Tampa. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with 8 gold and 2 silver competencies. This expertise, paired with services like 24/7/365 support, scalable cloud solutions and dedicated account managers, ensure we are with you every step of the way supporting your organization and helping you realize your goals. Contact us to get started.

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