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As businesses are increasingly challenged to secure more data and applications on a wider diversity of devices, Nortec cloud services offer a cost-efficient, secure solution for scaling applications and storage up or down as necessary, without committing to costly infrastructure investments.

As the leading cloud services provider in Philadelphia, Nortec offers cloud computing solutions that give companies:

Unparalleled availability. The cloud makes everything more available from your applications to secure data to communications.

Incredible flexibility. From full cloud services to cloud email to hybrid cloud solutions, let the managed service providers at Nortec create the custom cloud hosting solution that works best for your business.

Enterprise-class security. Does it surprise you to know that your business is most secure using enterprise cloud services? The cloud services we offer Philadelphia businesses offer enhanced security features throughout the cloud from applications to infrastructure.

Enhanced compliance. From the financial sector to the healthcare industry, our experts know the ins and outs of heavily regulated industries and can recommend cloud solutions to enhance your company’s compliance with records retention, data security, storage, user authentication and more.

Scalable solutions. Scale up, scale down – our powerful cloud solutions are designed to help your Philadelphia business maximize your IT investments and expand and contract your business as you need to.

Support options. With hosted applications, email, desktop and more, our Philadelphia cloud services can be tailored to offer premium support and value to any small- or medium-sized business.

A strategic partner. Nortec’s strategic insights help you determine which cloud-hosting can most effectively propel your business forward and seamlessly handle all your management and maintenance needs, no matter what your goals are.

Seamless implementation. Our cloud services are implemented with minimal disruption for your business and close collaboration to determine the most efficient strategy to add powerful cloud-hosted solutions to your company without interrupting the flow of business.

At Nortec, we carefully craft our cloud services to suit the unique goals, challenges, and needs of each client. Our powerful cloud solutions are designed to help Philadelphia businesses expand to new markets, improve organizational efficiency and better leverage their IT investments. Let the managed service providers at Nortec create the custom cloud hosting solution you’ve been looking for.

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