From applications and servers to storage and networks, Nortec offers comprehensive virtualization solutions in Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia for desktops and datacenters. Give your business a competitive advantage by using virtualization software to reduce IT costs and boost efficiency. While traditional physical network, desktop and server solutions have limited capacity and require hands-on administrator management, Nortec’s virtualization services can help streamline your systems, improve accessibility and reduce your data footprint.

Our virtualization software and solutions can be customized to meet the needs of the most demanding IT environments as well as the needs of smaller IT groups. For many businesses, virtualization fits within a larger cloud strategy. Nortec’s advanced virtualization services can help your company make the transition into the Cloud, offering hands-on assistance and support.

Server Virtualization:

When servers aren’t operating at their full capacity, it can quickly lead to physical server sprawl and spiking infrastructure costs. Server virtualization eliminates issues of compatibility, so applications can be run using far fewer physical servers. By reducing the inefficiencies and limitations caused by physical servers, server virtualization helps businesses take full advantage of cloud technology while reducing costs and improving application performance.

Network Virtualization:

Network virtualization is an overlay-based approach also known as  Software Defined Networking (SDN) that reproduces a physical network with software so physical access to hardware like switches, routers, and VPNs isn’t required for administrators and networks are available at all times. This overlay-based approach helps companies work towards the goal of a completely cloud environment for data, storage and security. Network virtualization streamlines networks and improves scalability while reducing costs.

Desktop Virtualization:

A managed desktop system is more flexible and agile, making it easy to adapt to changing needs and business growth. Deliver virtualized desktops and applications remotely to different locations and hardware, while increasing capacity and decreasing downtime. By allowing users to operate a diversity of systems from one piece of hardware, desktop virtualization reduces costs, increases up-time and improves productivity.

From initial virtualization and networking to maintenance and support, Nortec is a trusted partner for virtualization solutions throughout the region. Ready to grow your business, streamline your applications and improve service? Contact Nortec to learn how virtualization can benefit your company today.

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