What does $68 buy?
Dinner for two? A tank of gas? A night at the movies?


With Nortec Cloud Services $68 per month per user can get you all of this…


Make the Move to the Cloud

In a few easy steps Nortec will have you up and running in the cloud and saving money.

  • Step 1: A Cloud Readiness assessment of your network by Nortec professionals
  • Step 2: Nortec provides a complete cloud strategy customized to your business
  • Step 3: In a matter of days, users are moved to the cloud
  • Step 4: Enjoy significant cost savings! Reduce your IT spend by 50% or more


Ready to Get Started?

Contact George Hammerschmidt, COO and EVP at Nortec.
Phone: (703) 288-7203



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