GOOD TO GO Budget-Friendly COOP Solutions – The Pros and Cons

Protecting your applications and data has never been more important. Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to protect your applications, and traditional recovery solutions have forced businesses and individuals alike to prioritize and choose just which business critical applications to protect.

There are important issues to consider before adopting cloud-based Disaster Recovery. At the provider’s end, for example, you need to ensure that data will be securely transferred and users authenticated properly. At the customer end, you need to ensure that should a disaster actually occur, you’ll have the bandwidth and network capacity necessary to redirect users to the cloud.

VMware’s Site Recovery Manager 5 provides a lower cost option so businesses can afford to protect all their applications. Site Recovery Manager leverages cost-efficient vSphere Replication (hypervisor-based or storage-based replication) to provide: simple and powerful replication of applications to a secondary site; simple management of recovery and migration plans; non-disruptive testing; and fully automated site recovery and migration.

In terms of cloud-based backup systems, check out Jungle Disk, which provides online backup in Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud Files and bills the customer via monthly subscriptions. Jungle Disk offers secure online backup for Windows and Linux Servers, no file size or backup limits, AES-256 encryption with a key you create and control, advanced compression and de-duplication features, and easy remote management on a Mac-, Windows-, or Linux-based computer.

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