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Sneak Peek! Get An Insider’s View of A Microsoft Experience Center Demo: Immersive demonstration gives insight into Office 365

Ever wanted to “test drive” an IT solution before committing to a huge monetary and time investment?  That’s exactly what Natural Insight did recently during a Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) session.

Natural Insight, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management software to merchandisers, product companies, event marketers and retailers, was at a crossroads.  With inefficient file sharing tools and constrained internal IT resources, the firm’s productivity was constrained by limited connectivity and workflow.  “We realized that we needed to focus our resources on building great software instead of managing internal IT,” recalls Natural Insight’s CTO Eric Pfleckl. “So we decided that outsourcing to Nortec on this issue would be a good solution for us.”

Nortec recommended a Microsoft Experience Center (MEC) session demo of Office 365. MEC sessions are an immersive series of “day-in-the-life” scenarios that give businesses a chance to have hands-on, real-world experiences with the Microsoft platform.  These meetings are designed to simulate true-to-life user scenarios that immerse users in the technology, encourages discussion and helps businesses identify the right set of products and solutions for their needs.

During its MEC session, Natural Insight’s participants were able to experience Office 365 as if it had already been implemented.  “We saw our logo and the beginnings of what our environment might look like,” says Pfleckl.  “It was completely tailored to our organization, the devices we use, and how our employees would be using Office 365.”

As a result of its MEC experience, Natural Insight could preview how Office 365 would enable users to access documents and applications on wherever and whenever they needed as if they had already implemented the solution.  “Having multiple stakeholders participating in the session was also tremendously helpful,” says Pfleckl.

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