Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is a Proactive Business Solution

One drawback to checking email on smartphones or working outside the office on a laptop is heightened exposure to threats. These devices make it possible for employees to take your company data anywhere, so you need a security plan that travels with your employees.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) provides the tools your business needs to secure devices without sacrificing flexibility. Instead of reacting to a successful cyberattack or phishing campaign, you’ll use features like mobile device management and multifactor authentication to prevent data breaches from occurring.

How to Get Started: Define Your Security Objectives

In EM+S there are three pillars of protection:

  • Identity access and control
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Information protection

It is unusual for an organization to apply all three at once – in fact, you may only need one or two of the pillars. Before you deploy EM+S, you want to identify and prioritize the risks your organization faces. Then you can pinpoint which features within EM+S offer the best protection.

Save Time by Consulting a Microsoft Partner

EM+S is a multilayered security solution. The initial objectives and priorities you define inform the overarching plan and system you create. Each step needs to be correctly deployed for your business to be fully protected.

A Microsoft Partner will help guide you through the process, applying their depth of knowledge about Microsoft business software to your organization’s needs. A partner will ensure features are correctly installed, devices are enrolled, and controls are in place to protect your business.

At Nortec, we tailor each EM+S deployment to our clients’ needs. We’ll create a roadmap based on how your employees connect, which devices are used, and any regulatory requirements you need to meet. After rolling out EM+S, we can assist with managing devices and permissions.

Microsoft Partner Insight: Save Money on Microsoft Licensing

Ask your IT partner if bundling your Microsoft licensing can save you money. Usually, businesses are able to save through the Microsoft 365 bundle. It combines:

Usually, the price for Microsoft 365 is similar to what two individual solutions cost.

Trust a Microsoft Gold Partner to Protect Your Business

Nortec is a Microsoft Gold PartnerEM+S protects your business by controlling data on Microsoft applications. It is important to work with an IT expert who can demonstrate a breadth and depth of knowledge about Microsoft solutions.

Microsoft Competencies are a way to differentiate providers and find a partner who has demonstrated a deep understanding of Microsoft products and the overall information technology industry. After earning a competency, partners are continually assessed to ensure they consistently meet high standards of service and education.

Nortec has a number of gold and silver competencies that illustrate our team’s expertise. We’ve proven skills directly related to Enterprise Mobility Management as well as the Cloud Platforms and Communications tools your business wants to protect.


See our current Microsoft Competencies here.

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