Microsoft Offers New Flexible Licensing Options for Companies

, Microsoft Offers New Flexible Licensing Options for Companies

Through its Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program, Microsoft has introduced an enhanced pay-as-you-go licensing structure that gives businesses even more flexibility in paying only for the software and licenses needed at any given time. While the specifics are nuanced, the shift makes licensing more cost-effective for many organizations.

The traditional method of licensing, Enterprtise Agreement (EA), speaks to a now almost bygone era where companies purchased software “off the shelf,” installed it and kept it in place for a few years before upgrading. The EA licensing is typically a 3-year minimum license with payment required in chunks (usually annually) and no ongoing support. CSP offers monthly billing, no commitment and premier support. It works well for all sizes. Of course, it’s not available for every Microsoft solution. As the name suggests, it’s geared toward cloud-based solutions like Office 365, Project Azure and Exchange Online.

We recommend working with Microsoft experts to determine the best licensing model for your specific needs.

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