Microsoft Licensing

Nortec offers Microsoft Licensing packages for small to large companies throughout Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Learn how different Microsoft licensing options can help your organization get the best value when purchasing and managing all your Microsoft products and services. Nortec will be able to help you determine what is the best way to acquire your Microsoft Licensing needs.

Enterprise Agreement vs. Cloud Solutions Provider

Previously, companies with over 250 users understood that to acquire Microsoft licensing, the most strategic move was to sign up for an Enterprise Agreement (EA). This meant companies were forced to commit to three-year contracts that didn’t even include support. Those days are behind us. Now, companies have a pay-as-you-go or pay for what you use licensing option with the help of Nortec.

Choice is critical in business but sometimes it’s difficult to determine the best software licensing program for your organization. If you’re currently using a cloud solution or looking for a cloud solution, perhaps you’ve heard of a couple options. For years, the best choice for larger organizations has been to sign up for the enterprise agreement directly with Microsoft. However, there is a new option with a cloud solutions provider (CSP) in which you can contract with Microsoft through an authorized provider like Nortec.

Both licensing agreements are similar in terms of services and pricing, however, the CSP allows you more flexibility. The CSP is a great option for organizations that desire Microsoft licensing with extended support from Nortec. It’s based on a month-to-month commitment, which can be attractive for businesses in volatile markets with constant flow or seasonality. You can use CSP licensing for all your cloud use or supplement existing licensing such as your current EA. Whether you have 500+ employees or 50, the CSP model is painless and flexible, making it a great option for most companies.

Microsoft Solutions

Nortec offers all of Microsoft’s enterprise solutions with end-to-end support, strategic guidance and Microsoft licensing options. These include:

• Windows 10 Enterprise
• Office 365
• Enterprise Mobility + Security
• Microsoft 365
• Microsoft Azure

We Can Help with Your Microsoft Licensing

Your business is constantly evolving. Make sure you’re covered with a reliable Cloud Services Provider from Nortec. A Microsoft Gold Partner and one of the Top 200 Partners in the U.S., we know the ins and outs of Microsoft licensing and can ensure that you don’t make the wrong decision when it comes to selecting the right license for your Microsoft solutions.

From the most up-to-date Microsoft Office 365 with integrated email, file sharing, and web conferencing, to advanced server and security management through Microsoft Azure and Enterprise Mobility and Security, Microsoft offers affordable enterprise-grade solutions that are now more accessible than ever.

Benefits of Working with Nortec

Nortec is a Microsoft Gold PartnerThe Cloud Solutions Provider Program is just one advantage of working with Nortec. As one of the Top 200 Microsoft partners in the United States, our experts are uniquely able to help you make decisions about your Microsoft licensing based on the size of your company, your organizational goals, your infrastructure and the Microsoft tools that you’re using. Our team provides around-the-clock, incomparable support for our managed services customers in the Washington D.C., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh metropolitan areas.

Nortec works as your solutions partner with Microsoft programs. Benefit from business and technology expertise from Nortec to help your organization, small or large, innovate more quickly.

Microsoft licensing can be tricky. Get started with expert guidance from one of Microsoft’s Top 200 partners in the US.

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