Microsoft Teams

Combining chat, document sharing, meetings and app integrations, Microsoft Teams is more than a communications app. Teams is a unified communications solution that offers a new way of working.

Microsoft Teams is a Hyper-Collaboration Tool

Valuable hours quickly slip by as employees look for the latest version of a document, reply to emails or wait for feedback. Not only is this slow, but traditional communication platforms, like email, are not innovative. Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration tool that can evolve through apps and integrations and easily scales, making it advantageous for any business. It takes you out of cluttered inboxes and puts you in direct communication with coworkers and clients so your employees can collaborate in real time and accomplish more.

Microsoft Teams reduces administrative downtime, increasing bandwidth so your employees can work more efficiently.

Microsoft Teams Features

Teams is a dynamic, scalable business communication platform that can be customized to meet your business needs. From private and group messaging to app integrations you’ll be able to tailor Teams to an ideal work hub.

Unified Communications Platform
Whether you want to chat with a coworker or collaborate with a work group, you can accomplish it in Teams.

  • Organize communications topics by creating different work channels.
  • Make and receive phone calls on your mobile device or computer.
  • Instantly message coworkers or external business partners,
    individually or in groups.
  • Host webinars and video calls.
  • Screenshare and collaborate on documents during meetings.
  • Seamlessly share files.
  • Efficiently communicate changes or updates.

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Enhanced Team Chat Software
Teams was not designed as a basic chat app. Through channels you can set up chats for specific departments, external partners or any group. This breaks down traditional barriers, allowing a quicker flow of information and better team collaboration. Instead of asking one person in finance, you can quickly pose a question to the entire department, allowing anyone to provide an answer
or insights.

Integrate Apps for Collaboration and Productivity
There are already over 170 apps that integrate with Teams and, as the platform becomes more popular, this number will grow. Teams is a centralized platform for your workday. Instead of multiple browser tabs and applications, you have one simple interface connected to everything you need.

The apps themselves create additional opportunities to collaborate and work more productively. You can integrate applications to manage projects, track spending and sign documents.

Teams is Free for Office 365 Users

Microsoft Teams seamlessly fits into Office 365 infrastructure and is free to try. You should take advantage of this and see how to use the software.

To really dive into the capability and features of Teams, ask a managed services provider to design a trial run. Before working with an IT expert, look for a professional who offers managed services and has in-depth knowledge about Microsoft products.

A managed services provider will understand your network and ensure each component is implemented correctly, minimizing disruption. They will also be able to manage the service for you, adding users and setting governance policies to keep your business secure.

Since Teams is constantly evolving, having an advisor well-versed in Microsoft’s products will help you connect Teams to the apps that benefit your business. Look for a partner with gold or silver competencies in communications, which is Microsoft’s way of endorsing an IT professional’s capabilities.

At Nortec, we have Gold Competencies in Communications with engineers certified in this area. We help guide clients through implementation and offer insight into what developments are on the horizon.

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