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Windows 10 is an Evolving, Trustworthy Operating System

Initially released in 2015, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system has been upgraded regularly. Machine learning has led to improved security features, and new productivity tools have been added over the years. Now, you can use the facial recognition technology in Hello Windows to quickly and securely log into your Windows 10 devices. Or, you can ask your voice-activated personal assistant Cortana to send emails, find files and give you reminders.

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Are You Running Windows 7?

Support for Windows 7 ended on Jan. 14, 2020. Any systems still using Windows 7 are no longer getting security patches from Microsoft and are considered unsecure – and noncompliant. We can get you safely migrated to Windows 10. contact Nortec today.

Secure the Right Microsoft Windows 10 Licensing for Your Business

The broad use of Windows 10 is a reflection of its popularity for home users and businesses.

Several editions are available, but not all provide the applications and features your business needs. That’s why we always ask how different departments and teams at your organization use technology.

Then, we can tailor licensing based on how your users will interact with Windows 10. Email access could be enough for frontline workers while other departments need the full Microsoft Suite. After defining these requirements, we’ll secure the right licensing for each user. This maximizes the use of your IT budget and keeps your team productive.

Highest Levels of Security

Key differences among Windows 10 editions involves security. The highest level of identity management and Advanced Threat Protect, for instance, is only available to users at the Enterprise level.

Microsoft Partner Insight: Save Money on Microsoft Licensing

One way to potentially save money on Microsoft licensing is to bundle solutions. Instead of purchasing Office 365, Windows 10 and/or Enterprise Mobility + Security, you can access all three with Microsoft 365. The price is comparable to separately buying 2 of the 3 solutions.

Working with a Microsoft Partner

Nortec is a Microsoft Gold PartnerAlong with securing the right licensing for your organization, a Microsoft Partner will keep you up-to-date on developments and help you roll out new features, like facial recognition software.

You want an expert who can support all the technology you rely on and also has multiple Microsoft competencies. Microsoft uses competencies to differentiate providers, and the system highlights which IT providers are capable of applying what they learn to create solutions for clients.

Nortec has an ever-growing number of Gold and Silver competencies that demonstrate our expertise in setting up and advising our clients on solutions like Windows 10. Our Gold Cloud Productivity covers Windows 10, and the trainings and experiences behind this competency give our team a strong base of knowledge we pass on to our clients through consultations and guidance. Like our other competencies, it helps us roadmap, deploy and support Microsoft solutions.


See our current Microsoft Competencies here.

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