September 2019 Newsletter

September 13, 2019

3 Things We Learned at Microsoft Inspire You Need to Know

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We recently attended Microsoft Inspire. The conference is like an IT barometer for businesses, telling stakeholders where Microsoft will be investing money and what technological changes to look out for. These are the 3 key takeaways your business needs to know about.
  1. New Microsoft licensing options could save you money
  2. Be strategic about Microsoft Teams
  3. We’re moving toward a password-less future
We wrote about each in more detail in our latest article 3 Things We Learned at Microsoft Inspire You Need to Know. Read the full article on our blog to see if you can save money on Microsoft solutions and how you can simplify and enhance security at your organization. Here’s the link.


Team Nortec
Andrew Grose, President and CEO

For this quarter’s Meet the Team, Nortec President and CEO Andrew Grose set aside a few minutes from his busy day to answer our questions.

What inspired you to establish Nortec?
I read Victor Kiam’s book “Going for It.”

What is your philosophy for managing Nortec?
Empower, autonomy, reward and educate to be the best.

What's one piece of advice you have for business leaders?
Leaders should embrace change and monitor performance KPIs closely.

What activities do you enjoy outside of work?
Outside of work I enjoy hockey and sailing.

What's the last non-work-related book you read?
I read mostly business books these days, but my favorite novel I would say was The Firm.


How Nortec Modernized IT for United Way of Southwestern PA

With a cyclical business structure, the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania is the perfect candidate for the cloud because the agile solution helps them save money as they staff up or down throughout the year. Plus, as a nonprofit, there are additional ways to save on licensing from Microsoft.

Unfortunately, before working with Nortec, United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania wasn’t capitalizing on the cloud or special licensing. Their IT provider had them locked into a pricey on-premise solution and the wrong level of licensing. The nonprofit was facing a fine from Microsoft when they reached out to Nortec. Keep reading to see how we created new opportunities for United Way.


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