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January 2012

Take a look at what's new in 2012 for ShoreTel, VMware and Microsoft.

What's new for ShoreTel for 2012?
2012 brings the new release version 12.1, which includes new features.
Click to review features and ShoreTel Mobility Solutions.

What's new for VMware for 2012?
Site Recover Manager (SRM) 5.0 and View 5.0 are new for VMware.
Click to review features of both.

What's new for Microsoft for 2012?
The new addition of Office 365; a competitor with Google apps. New features and enhancements have been added to both Dynamics AX and the SQL Server.
Click here for an overview on all three elements.

Penny & Paul

Meet Penny Krosskove Solutions Consultant for Nortec, and Paul Wismar,Systems Consultant for Nortec.

Read why Penny wants nothing more to help her customers with the wisdom of experience to do just that and how Paul helps his customers save time, money, and energy. And, why his next lunch break might be in Hawaii.

Q: What are most of your customers looking to accomplish?

A/Penny: Virtualization is what I'm seeing many of my customers wanting to do. At first it was server virtualization and now it's moving into desktop virtualization. My customers are wanting to know: "How can I save with my application delivery?" My customers are also looking more at unified communications - utilizing voice and video. Prices are so great right now!

A/Paul: Most folks are looking at server consolidation to save time, money and energy. They want to be able to be very versatile and flexible. With virtualization, I can put 10-15 machines on a single server - not possible 6-7 years ago. And because virtual machines are just files, we can move them anywhere- be it one server to the next, or across the globe.

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We've listed some predictions for where cloud is going in 2012...and beyond!

Server virtualization market will start saturating- server virtualization assures to unlock the unused server capacity. In 2012, companies will continue virtualizing their server infrastructure, but with the market saturating, the rate at which server workloads are virtualized will begin to decline.

Desktop virtualization as a way to support a growing variety of devices- the rate of virtualized desktop adoption will increase, driven by the need to support a growing variation of devices. More companies will be using virtualized desktop solution trials as well as more application vendors will have their solutions verified with virtualized desktop manufacturers.


As Nortec continues to celebrate its 20th Anniversary as a company we want to thank you, our customers and partners for making it all possible. We look forward to working with you for many more years to come and continue to provide excellent service and solutions.

Nortec Welcomes New Team Members
Ric Anderson, Senior Consultant, Philadelphia
Jobie Germano, Senior Consultant, Falls Church

Maybe you're considering a server upgrade, or an Exchange migration. Or maybe you're looking to virtualize in 2012. Chances are, an organization just like yours has done the same thing - and Nortec has helped them along the way. Learn how the process went for your peers in one our many case studies:

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Unified Communications
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Infrastructure Management
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Network Infrastructure

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