Nortec News: January 2017

Nortec News / Keeping You Connected                    January 2017
Law Firm Makes One Small Change to IT Support - And Saves Big

Read this case study to learn how this boutique law firm made one key change to its managed services IT approach that resulted more consistent, organized, and predictable support - as well as significant cost savings.  Read the Case Study >>>
Rethinking Your Phone: Mobile Device Management

Big things are afoot in enterprise mobility and security.  Once largely the domain of the on-prem realm, security must now reach the hinterlands of the cloud and the multitude of mobile devices.  According to a recent report by Harris Poll, enterprise mobility is set to top IT investments this year, with 87 percent of IT leaders viewing it as a critical aspect of their operations.
Organizations face the struggle of providing security for the increasingly complicated mosaic of devices and users, as well as the ever-present challenge of budget limitations. Read more >>>   

Your New Backup Superhero: The Cloud

Poor Delta Airlines. When the carrier experienced a system-wide outage in early August, the airlines had to contend not only with angry travelers, but also with the fact that it could not recover data or access backup systems.  

And it was completely avoidable - IF
Delta had a cloud backup systemaccess backup systems. 

If you have recently experienced a major outage, or endure frequent problems with back-ups an
d slow system performance, you are exposed to IT disruptions - and huge risk, which could ultimately affect your customers.

Here are the top 3 disruptions to your business that could cause a Delta-sized failure: Click to read >>> 
Team Nortec

Meet Aftab Khan, Nortec Network Administrator. Read on to learn about this super-sporty IT superhero.

Q: Tell us a little about your job.

A: I am onsite with one of our clients providing support for whatever type of issue might crop up. I'm also working on a special projects, including a network refresh.  I'm available at two of the client sites, to make sure all of the client's users have full support.
Q: What would you say is the most rewarding part of your job? 

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Nortec SharePoint Quick Start: Document Management Workflow Made Simple
Need a fast, easy way to get your organization up to speed on SharePoint?  Nortec's SharePoint Quick Start program will get you set up, trained and deployed in a jiffy.  Services include:
  • Company Site Setup
  • Best Practice Review
  • Site Cleanup Maintenance Plan for Legacy Sites
  • End User Training

Maybe you're considering a server upgrade or migrating to the cloud.  Chances are, an organization just like yours has done the same thing - and Nortec has helped them along the way.  Learn how the process went for your peers in one our many case studies.  Click here>>> 
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