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July 2012

Windows 7 - Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Windows 7 seems poised to steal the crown from XP as the world's top operating system as more and more companies and individuals are looking to make the switch. Overall, Windows 7 has been heavily adopted by consumers and small businesses and we are now seeing a wave of enterprises moving that direction. Microsoft is expecting a total of over 350 million Windows 7-based devices shipped this year. Companies face a huge task migrating all their PCs and users to a new OS; it can be daunting, but Nortec is here to support you all the way.

Read on for some of the best reasons to switch to Windows 7.


Meet Adam Grant, Network Administrator for Nortec. Read on to learn why many of his clients are moving from XP to Windows 7 and what this self-confessed "computer nerd's" secret weapon is this summer.

Q: What are most of your customers looking to accomplish?

A: Most of my clients, especially the bigger enterprise clients, are upgrading from XP to Windows 7. There's a lot of testing involved in upgrading from XP to Windows 7, and that takes some time. Folks want to make sure everything is in place prior to 2014, which is when support will end for XP.

Meet Young Kim, Strategic Accounts Manager for Nortec. Read on to learn what makes Young so energetic and where to find good Korean food.

Q: You're relatively new with Nortec. Why did you choose to work here?

A: I chose Nortec because of the culture and the environment. It's a very friendly place to be. I also like that I'm keeping the relationships we have with our customers.

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Budget-Friendly COOP Solutions - The Pros and Cons

Protecting your applications and data has never been more important. Unfortunately, it can be quite costly to protect your applications, and traditional recovery solutions have forced businesses and individuals alike to prioritize and choose just which business critical applications to protect.

There are important issues to consider before adopting cloud-based Disaster Recovery. At the provider's end, for example, you need to ensure that data will be securely transferred and users authenticated properly. At the customer end, you need to ensure that should a disaster actually occur, you'll have the bandwidth and network capacity necessary to redirect users to the cloud. Read on>>>


Maybe you're considering a server upgrade, or an Exchange migration. Or maybe you're looking to virtualize in 2012. Chances are, an organization just like yours has done the same thing - and Nortec has helped them along the way. Learn how the process went for your peers in one our many case studies:

Messaging Solutions
Unified Communications
Virtualization Solutions
Infrastructure Management
Hosted & Managed Services (Nortec 24/7)
Network Infrastructure

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