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Learn how one small business transformed its productivity and customer offerings with one game-changing move.  Read the case study>>>


Got PBX Phones-But Want Presence, IM and Conferencing? 
Enhance Your Legacy Phones Easily with Lync

If your organization has a PBX phone system, you can provide your users with more collaborative tools - like presence, IM or conferencing - using Lync.  Enhancing your PBX system with Lync allows you to use Lync for phone calls instead of your PBX phone, or gives you the option to control your PBX phone with the Lync desktop client.  And if your organization has workers that are rarely in the office and may miss calls that go directly to their desks, Lync can be configured to ring whenever the PBX rings-letting the user receive calls on the road or in their home office.


Lync can also reduce conferencing expenses.  If your organization does a lot of conferencing, conferencing costs can be quite expensive. Using Lync will allow you to use your existing PBX for voice and have a greater collaborative experience with each other and your customers.  

Team Nortec
Meet Steven Meehan, Network Administrator and Gerri Pineda, Office Manager for Nortec.  Besides saving the day for his clients, read on to learn what hidden talent just might make Steve famous one day. And learn about Gerri's busy days and how this 7-year Nortec veteran became an actual queen!


Q: Tell us a little bit about your job

Steve:  I'm working with customers making sure their networks whether desktop or servers are running smoothly.


Gerri:  There are no typical days!  I handle everything from property management issues like key cards for the office, answering phones, handling the mail, accounts receivable and payable and a ton of other stuff!

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Webinar: Robust IT Infrastructure

If you missed the webinar with Nortec's Paul Wismar, an emerging Cloud Technologies expert, you can watch and listen to it now on your own time.  Learn how to maximize your infrastructure with zero downtime, email, anti virus, back ups and remote users. Click here>>>


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