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Enterprises large and small have relied on Google Apps for email and other services, like a calendar, word processing and spreadsheet apps.  However, since Google discontinued the free edition, users have been considering alternatives, the most well-known being Microsoft Office 365.  What are the differences in these solutions? Pros and cons?  Read on to learn more about why you might want to consider switching to Office 365.  Also tell us what you think and see poll results>>>


IT Market Survey

Learn what your peers are saying about their IT priorities and upcoming trends


Nortec recently conducted a market research study on IT spending and priorities for 2013.  We asked our respondents (your colleagues and peers) about their IT goals for the year, what barriers they anticipated in achieving those goals, and how their IT budgets compare to previous years.  Read on to see what you told us>>>

Team Nortec

Meet Janet Manuel, Director of Strategic Accounts and Nortec newbie (she started in May), and Daniel Cornell, a former - now current again - Nortec Account Executive. Read on to learn why Janet would like to travel through time, and what lessons Daniel learned while on hiatus.


Q:  Janet and Daniel, what are your roles with Nortec?

Janet:  I work with clients, partners and future customers to deliver Nortec solutions in the Philadelphia market.

Daniel:  I focus on new accounts and account management, primarily development.  

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Nortec Welcomes New Team Member 
Jim McAllister, Senior Systems Consultant, Philadelphia 

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