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How to Beat “Zoom Fatigue,” Maintain Relationships and Restore Productivity

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Video conference calls used to be a rarity. Now they’re a core part of your day, and they aren’t going away any time soon. 80% of executives think video calls will replace audio-only for internal communications. We understand why. It’s easier to maintain relationships when you see someone face-to-face, even virtually.

But while your employees eagerly embraced a new way of working in March, they’re now battling “Zoom fatigue” and reluctant to participate in conversations. There are best practices you can adopt and subtle mental shifts that can help with the adjustment to the frequency of virtual video calls. When your team is fully engaged on camera, they’ll be able to work together more effectively. Follow the guidance in this article to create an environment that’s as productive as your physical office setting once was.

Don’t Let Uncertainty Stifle Your Success: 5 Digital Transformation Takeaways

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Employees aren't fully back in offices, and we are all navigating new lockdown orders and a resurgence in working from home again. As we approach the new year with great hope, one thing is clear: businesses that are able to seamlessly transition between in-office, at-home and hybrid setups are poised for success in 2021.

We outlined 5 important digital office takeaways. Embracing your own digital transformation will help you avoid costly interruptions, lost business deals and complicated IT headaches during these times and into the future.

Meet the Team: James Kim

1. What do you like about working at Nortec?

One of the things that I really enjoy about Nortec is the work environment, especially the help desk team. Everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to addressing questions I have as well as the clients’ needs. The training and transition into a teleworking position was handled very well, and it has been a huge help to me as I continue to take classes full time.

James Kim

2. How do you have fun during your free time these days?

I’ve used downtime during the pandemic to learn a variety of new skills. Some of the latest things I have picked up range from how to cut my own hair, to playing guitar, to other skills such as network penetration testing. I have, fortunately, been able to stick with my goal of working out at home 6 days a week.

3. What were you doing before working at Nortec?

I am currently in my junior year at George Mason University, majoring in cybersecurity engineering. Before coming to Nortec, I focused on school and worked for George Mason’s IT support center. As things began to transition into an online environment and the spring academic semester ended, I found more free time available for myself that I hoped to spend more productively, leading me to explore experiences at Nortec.

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Looking ahead, in 5 years I expect to have graduated. I would like to be seen as someone with deep expertise in the IT and cybersecurity fields, gained from all my opportunities and experiences. I hope to explore cyber positions in the Northern Virginia region. One of the sectors that especially interests me is offensive security, with positions such as penetration testing as well as security engineering.

Case Study: Nortec Leads Schneider Downs Through Digital Transformation

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When the pandemic forced employees to work from home, Schneider Downs' reliable cloud-based infrastructure made for a painless transition. The Pittsburgh-based accounting firm knew they needed to modernize critical IT systems and improve video conferencing capabilities.

As 2019 drew to a close, they sought Nortec’s guidance on a cloud migration. By February 2020, they were running Microsoft 365. This fortuitous timing meant Schneider Downs was able to rapidly pivot to remote work, bypassing the need to set up new systems when other businesses were scrambling. Equipped with audio, video and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, their staff adapted to working from home with ease. Click the button to learn how Nortec secured their ability to work during the pandemic.

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