5 Digital Transformation Takeaways from the Global Pandemic


Life won’t return to how we lived in January 2020. To navigate the pandemic and thrive in a post-pandemic world, businesses need to fully embrace a digital transformation. Fortunately, the biggest barrier to change – not wanting to upset the apple cart – doesn’t apply right now.

Now is the time to embrace digital transformation and solidify your digitalized workplace. Create a competitive advantage for your business with our 5 takeaways from the pandemic so far.

3 Ways Your IT Support Can Help You Preserve Capital

The economic fallout from the pandemic isn’t hitting every business the same way. Some are thriving, but many are re-evaluating every aspect of their operations and looking for ways to conserve capital. We don’t want your IT to suffer. Here are 3 ways you can weather the storm without investing in large projects.


Meet the Team: Duy Dang

1. What is your role at Nortec?

My primary role at Nortec is to provide help desk support to all our clients – providing prompt responses and swift resolutions to any troubleshooting issues they may have with Microsoft Office products and/or hardware and other software problems.


2. What made you want to work at Nortec?

I wanted to get a start in IT and was fortunate to be given that opportunity at Nortec. I like that I get to work closely with the management team. My supervisors trust me to work independently, but I feel like I can ask for support when needed. I see myself growing professionally both in my career path and as an all-around worker at Nortec.

3. What did you do before joining the Nortec team?

I was a property damage adjuster for a marine insurance company.

4. How are you spending your free time these days?

I like to stay in shape if I can. If the weather is nice outside, I take advantage with a little jog or walk. I’m fond of hands-on activities, from building my own PC to working on model kits.

5. Anything you’re looking forward to now that shelter-in-place is lifting?

I am looking forward to being able to go out to eat at restaurants again and just to get out of the house and travel. I’m relatively new to the area, and Northern Virginia and DC offered a lot of interesting places to explore and new experiences. I hope to get back out there and support local businesses and the community.

Case Study: Heightened Security and Additional Resources for a Fraction of the Cost of Internal IT

When SIA’s internal IT director took another position, we became their managed IT provider almost overnight. For approximately 55% of what they paid for internal IT, SIA accesses a full team of strategic, dedicated experts instead of relying on the limited expertise of one staff member.


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