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Everything You Need to Know About Azure Pricing


Anyone who has ever tried to estimate Azure costs knows how deeply frustrating the process can be. Even after migrating to the cloud, many businesses wonder if they’re paying too much. It’s possible to create an estimate and control your cloud spend. You’ll start by isolating the cloud services you currently use or plan to after migrating.

2020 Is Challenging All of Us


Our clients have always known when they pick up the phone to call us, they’re calling a person, not a number. This year, these relationships are more important than ever. 2020 remade our lives, and it isn't over yet. This is an unprecedented time, and it’s hard to conceptualize what life will look like a month or year from now. But, it's important to remember you aren't alone as you navigate the changes.

We're here with you every step of the way as we figure out the new normal one day or week at a time.

Feeling challenged by 2020? We can help.

Meet the Team: Hemkala Tamang

1. How long have you been at Nortec? Eight years.

2. What is your role and how has it changed? I’m a sales operations and financial management specialist. Initially, I was only involved in sales operations, but financial management was recently added to my role.


3. What do you love about working at Nortec? The friendly environment and, of course, my wonderful boss, George Hammerschmidt, who really takes care of the employees like they are family.

4. What’s your professional background? Before working at Nortec, I got my Master of Business Administration and Management degree.

5. How do you spend your free time? I have my toddler son, who is almost five. Spending my free time with him is always precious.

6. Anything you’re looking forward to when shelter-in-place is lifted? Going to the beach with my baby.

Case Study: Nortec Helps Client Resume Operations in Record Time


When the Association for Print Technologies (APTech, formerly known as NPES) had a significant server failure, Nortec restored them in less than half a day – a full 6 ½ days ahead of when they expected to have their network up and running.

Because we had prepared them for this type of incident by shifting their operations to a pre-staged Azure server, they were ensured a level of business continuity that kept the organization running smoothly in the worst-case scenario.

“If I had not made that decision to go with Nortec, it could have been a week with the other vendor. It made me feel very strong about my level of confidence in Nortec and our disaster plan,” said Jesus Romero, the organization’s database and technology director.

Don’t wait for servers to fail. Get a free whiteboarding session to see how Azure would keep your organization running in all contingencies.

Get a Free Whiteboarding Session from Nortec

Whiteboarding sessions take hard-to-grasp concepts, like the cloud, and show you how Azure will work for your organization. We start by listening to your needs and learning about your operations and specific needs around security and compliance. Then, we discuss your options. By the end of the session, we’ve sketched out “on paper” what your journey to the cloud will look and how Azure can help your organization.

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