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What 2,000 of Your Business Peers Think About Remote Work

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Business confidence went out the window in 2020. It hasn’t returned. Business owners don’t know how to plan. Employees want to know when or if they’ll return to the office. Few people have concrete answers. Enter Chris Herd. As the CEO and founder of a remote-focused company, Herd spent the past year talking to more than 2,000 companies about their plans. He shared what he learned on Twitter. We summed up the biggest takeaways and how you can use them to figure out what’s next for your business.

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Data Recovery and Backup

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Data is more than numbers. It’s your home address. Your employees’ social security numbers. Your clients’ order history and credit card information. Too many business owners don’t think this way about the data they store before a breach or data loss event occurs. By that point, it’s too late to start thinking about backups and recovery. Start preparing now. Otherwise, you’ll leave your company, employees and clients exposed to the 7 problems outlined in this article.

Case Study: Setting Up Remote Work for 700 Employees

Pharmerit case study

Pharmerit is working to stop the global pandemic in its tracks. The company validates clinical studies to determine the efficacy of drugs and vaccines for 90% of the top pharmaceutical companies. To help us get back to normal, Pharmerit’s employees need to work effectively from remote environments. But after a merger and acquisition, only 30% of the multinational company’s employees had the ability to connect with colleagues and work on projects from home. Working with Pharmerit's IT director, we developed a cloud-based solution for the organization that consolidated all 700 employees under one umbrella with an Azure-based network.

Have You Seen Our New Website?

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We’re so excited to share our new website, launched in January 2021. We invite you to look around and bookmark resources. We’ve added new features, such as quick access to our Tech Support team to better serve you. Is there something you want to see on our website? Contact us and let us know!

Meet the Team: George Hammerschmidt, COO and EVP

1. Why are you so passionate about cloud adoption and technology?

About every 10 to 15 years a technology change sweeps in that is more than just the next new thing, especially for small and medium enterprises, which are typically underserved when it comes to IT innovation. The cloud literally completely changes the way everything works.

George Hammerschmidt

It opens up solutions to the small and medium business sector, such as disaster recovery, collaboration and productivity, as well as changes how and where we work that simply wasn’t available or was cost prohibitive. Nortec has embraced this change and is changing the way our customers work. That’s exciting!

2. What is the best part of your role as COO and VP at Nortec?

My career has been in the IT technology field from the very start. I have worked for large and small organizations, public and private. But the thing that separates Nortec from past roles is the complete focus on IT technology for the midmarket. It’s all we do, and we are plugged into the latest solutions in the marketplace. Reviewing this constant stream of IT innovation and determining how best to bring it to our prospects and customers is one of the joys of the job. It’s hard but fun!

3. When should customers contact you?

Anytime they need to!
Call: 703-338-1066
Twitter: @GCHammerschmidt

4. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I enjoy strenuous pursuits. I am an owning partner of a CrossFit Box, which is a labor of love. I also help my wife with our new service dog in training – Lois, a British Labrador. That will be another full-time endeavor for at least 18 months. Lastly, I enjoy golf quite a bit. Unfortunately the way I play it is also very strenuous.

5. What are you most looking forward to post-pandemic?

Visiting my extended family up in Canada and traveling again.

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