Okta: Revolutionizing Single Sign-On

Remember the days when we had to remember only one or two passwords?  Those days are long gone and strict password requirements and machine-generated security-compliant passwords are now the norm.

The way we work has changed: we now do our jobs anywhere, any time, and from any device.  Businesses must securely connecting people, applications and devices.

Single sign-on (SSO) is an authentication process that gives users access to multiple applications.with a single user name and password.  But creating user accounts and managing user access levels to multiple applications behind the firewall and behind the cloud can be an arduous task – and can result in poor security visibility and control of application access.

Okta, an identity and access management provider, uses the concept of a single sign-on to allow access to multiple web applications by signing in once with a single set of credentials.  But Okta goes beyond the basics to offer administrators the ability to add, remove, group, report, and set individual policies for each user in the application.

Okta’s centralized dashboard displays a snapshot of  application and user activity. The people and application panels enables management of users and applications, and the Security panel gives control  of security parameters such as session lifetime and login attempts before lockout.

As most organizations employ Active Directory, Okta has a robust Active Directory integration and comes bundled with an application network, which includes key business applications such as Zoho or Assistly.

Is it for you?

Whether you are a business starting with your first cloud application or an enterprse with multiple cloud applications, and are concerned with security and ease of access to these applications, then this solution is for you. Okta delivers a complete, turnkey solution that addresses the needs not only of IT, but also end-users, and business executives – no customization work or long services engagements required.

Access Nortec’s on-demand webcast on Okta and Single Sign-on here>>

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