Rethinking Your Phone: Mobile Device Management

Big things are afoot in enterprise mobility and security.  Once largely the domain of the on-prem realm, security must now reach the hinterlands of the cloud and the multitude of mobile devices.  According to a recent report by Harris Poll, enterprise mobility is set to top IT investments this year, with 87 percent of IT leaders viewing it as a critical aspect of their operations.

Organizations face the struggle of providing security for the increasingly complicated mosaic of devices and users, as well as the ever-present challenge of budget limitations.

As the pressure mounts to provide holistic security for every device, every app, every user, a shift is occurring from on-prem solutions to SSO and cloud-based protection.

Benefits of a cloud-based approach to enterprise and mobile security include:

-Centrally manage single sign-on across devices, datacenter, and the cloud

-Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows from one place

-Protect your information.  Intelligently safeguard corporate data and enable secured collaboration

-Virtualize desktops to manage desktops and apps on all devices

With high profile data breaches all over the news in recent years, enterprise mobility could seem risky if it means compromised data security.  However, with mobile device, application, and PC management capabilities from the cloud, organizations can provide their employees with access to the resources they need from virtually anywhere on almost any device, while keeping corporate information secure.

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