Securing the Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft is taking an intelligence-based approach to mitigate the risk associated with the cloud storage needs of its enterprise users with advanced protection levels in Office 365 E5.

The most immediate of these solutions comes in the form of Advanced Threat Protection, Advanced eDiscovery and Customer Lockbox. An add-on of Delve Analytics empowers users with data of where and who they are spending time with.

Advanced Threat Protection is an extension of the security capabilities of Office 365. As a cloud email service, it protects against unknown malware and viruses by applying behavioral analysis to identify attachments and links in email that have a higher probability of being compromised. This protects against hidden or disguised viruses and threats.

Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery integrates Equivio machine learning, predictive coding and text analytics capabilities, with the goal of reducing the costs and challenges that come along with sorting through large quantities of data for eDiscovery purposes. eDiscovery in Office 365 can be used to search securely for content in Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online sites, or both.

Customer Lockbox offers users full control over access to data in Office 365. Even when troubleshooting an issue, Microsoft engineers must be granted approval rights to access the users’ data first. Customer Lockbox gives users a complete and more secure method for controlling the visibility of organizations’ data.

With Delve Analytics, users have access to dashboards which provide insights on organizational analytics for connections between teams and staff. This allows management to monitor interactions, co-worker communications, data and key trends.

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