Phishing Testing & Training

Phishing is one of the most serious and widespread threats facing businesses today, and there is only one solution for organizations that want to avoid a financial and security nightmare: prevention.

Unlike other cybersecurity attacks, phishing does not have to rely on hacking or complex security breaches to get behind your company’s IT safeguards. Instead, phishing relies on tricking employees into accidentally inviting in malware under the guise of an everyday business email. Phishing attacks target users at every level of an organization, and any weak link in the chain can spell disaster for the security of your technology and critical data. Phishing prevention requires training, diligence, and maintenance to ensure that your team is savvy enough to identify and avert phishing threats before the damage is done.

With busy schedules, cluttered inboxes, and the rapid-fire speed of business communication, it’s too easy for workers to absentmindedly open or download an email that can devastate your company’s privacy and data. Nortec’s anti-phishing training prepares workplaces for these threats by routinely testing employees with fake phishing emails that mimic the latest tactics of real phishing scams. These simulations reveal how employees would react to actual phishing to create a real-time security risk assessment and develop a baseline for your company.

Empower your team, safeguard your business

As real-life phishing threats become more and more sophisticated, so does our anti-phishing strategy. Four times a year, Nortec will create a completely unique phishing test of increasing difficulty to continually challenge employees and reinforce anti-phishing vigilance. These tests can identify vulnerable members of your team who would have inadvertently downloaded malware in the event of a real threat. Our anti-phishing system then immediately directs the user to a brief training seminar on what they did wrong and how they can identify potentially harmful emails in the future. If the same person continues to fail future tests, Nortec offers educational modules for a variety of skill-levels that offer more in-depth explanation and training, until each member of your organization is thoroughly prepared to keep threats out of your business network.

In a phishing attack, your team can be your weakest link or your most valuable asset. With interactive reporting, critical vulnerability insights, and actionable training solutions, Nortec’s anti-phishing services offer unparalleled detail and peace of mind for businesses of all sizes.


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