Firewall Security

Nortec offers cutting-edge firewall security solutions from our partners Palo Alto Firewall and SonicWALL. Protect your users, employees, and sensitive information with the leading firewall technology. From the enterprise perimeter and distributed enterprises to data centers and branch offices, Nortec firewall security services protect users and data on the cloud and across multiple channels. Whether your IT initiatives range from addressing mobility and BYOD issues, to enabling security for your dynamic virtualized data center, we can help address your needs. Our Palo Alto Firewall Security protects businesses of all sizes throughout Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Pittsburgh.

Palo Alto Next-Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Firewall offer unique single architecture security solutions to help businesses adapt to the rapid advancements in cyber breaches and hacking technology. With a variety of physical and virtual products, Palo Alto Firewall complements advanced security with a straightford architecture to protect data on-premise and in the cloud.

  • Distribute a network of firewalls from a single, central platform
  • Safely deploy applications and prevent threats across your enterprise
  • Utilize advanced threat intelligence (e.g. Wildfire) to quickly analyze potential threats for a closed loop of detection and prevention
  • Enable and protect users from remote locations, including personal devices

SonicWALL Solutions

SonicWALL is an award-winning network security solution, with easy-to-manage protections that don’t don’t slow down your network. SonicWALL makes it easy to manage, monitor and report network usage and activities from a single platform. SonicWALL wired and wireless security technologies are deployed in 200 countries by more than a quarter million customers from small businesses to global industry leaders.

Advantages of SonicWALL:

  • Network Security – firewalls block 4.7 billion intrusions daily in real time, with more efficiency and lower costs than other firewalls.
  • Secure Mobile Access – Guarantee easy access to important resources for anywhere at anytime with safe, scalable mobile access solutions.
  • Management and Reporting: SonicWALL offers real-time monitoring, traffic analysis and security reports to help develop and implement customized security policies.
  • Email Security – firewalls protect businesses from email threats like spam, viruses, phishing and data leaks.

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