Identity and Access Management

With more users, more devices and more applications than ever, the challenge of identity-based access management has become increasingly important for growing companies. The workplace is becoming more and more mobile with connectivity provided through a broad range of cloud devices that can be located anywhere in the world which makes it more important than ever to have identity protection plans in place. Nortec has identity-based access management and fraud detection to help monitor for unusual behavior and stop breaches in their tracks.

Protect More Than Your Passwords

We’d like to think our usernames and passwords will protect our identity; however, that is not the case. Relying on usernames and passwords means if someone were to break into your account, it could go unnoticed for months (and usually does!). There must be a paradigm shift in your company’s online security to protect the company’s records, logins and other internet activity.

While security departments are primarily concerned with preventing unauthorized parties from accessing critical applications and information, authorized users want to access their work with the click of button. Nortec works with companies of every size to oversee identity and access management in mobile, social and cloud-based environments.

Multifactor authentication protects more than your passwords. With Nortec’s multifactor identity and access management, take proactive steps to ensuring any unusual behavior is protected and noticed right away. Protect more than your passwords. Protect your company with Nortec’s Identity-based Security.

Identity-based Security

Identity-based security and access management solutions allow organizations to meet the evolving needs of cloud applications and mobile devices by creating secure access to online resources.

Nortec’s identity and access management services allow enterprises to verify role management and compliance to ensure that only certain individuals have access to certain information at specified times. An agile identity and access management system allows you to restrict or expand the security access to specific individuals at any time. Prevent insider threads as well as outside security threats with enhanced user verification protocols.

Identity-based Security Benefits

Identity-based security employs numerous innovations to enable effective and easy control of user access management.

  • Aligns policies to users rather than IP addresses
  • Allows for optimal user access management security
  • Supports identity threat control

With more employees using multiple channels and working remotely, it is critical for businesses to take a proactive approach to reduce identity-based access management risk, while streamlining the access management process for authorized users. Nortec provides single sign-on to apps and supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) so employees can reclaim their day. Identity and access management products offer role-based access control allowing administrators to regulate access to networks based on the role of individual users. Nortec’s multifactor authentication requires two-step confirmation and other multistep verification methods.

In theory, you should be able to freely use passwords and usernames over the internet without worrying about who gets access to them. Multifactor authentication makes this possible. Give IT an easy way to manage accounts and secure access with automated provisioning of apps, device management and flexible policy.

Protect Your Network

Unify your identity and access management systems while making it easier than ever for employees to use and collaborate on their favorite apps. At Nortec, we believe security shouldn’t have to come at the cost of efficiency. With access management, you can securely store identity and other data in a safe environment, increasing identity and access management protection in the workplace. Cover the bases of internet safety with identity-driven security multifactor authentication from Nortec.

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