Social Medial – World Wide Rave and Groundswell

I have been thinking about social media.

I read two books on this subject: Groundswell and World Wide Rave. Both books are excellent. The groundswells on the internet are fascinating because they happen so quickly and cannot be stopped once they are started. Even the creator of information, a video or application on the internet usually cannot stop the groundswell once it starts. Like most people, I had a basic understanding of some of these internet explosions – Wikipedia, MySpace and Facebook. I had not really thought much about how to put this to work. Both these books are very fascinating with many stories about how different people were successful at making the internet work for them by creating a groundswell or internet rave. Many that were significant but you may not have heard about them.

This is very exciting because once you have read the multiple stories the penny drops and you start thinking of all the ways you or your company could take advantage of the internet and social media. It also strikes you that there are many more very large opportunities and that we are just now seeing the tip of the iceberg. There is also somewhat of a gold rush – a second wave of the internet boom and it is upon us.

Here are two examples on YouTube groundswell videos:

1. “Will it Blend” Brought to you by BlendTec

2. “Where the Hell is Matt?”

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