Meet Joe Romasco, Director of Strategic Accounts for Nortec. Read on to learn the technology refreshments Joe is seeing many of his customers implement right now, as well as the one thing they’d be surprised to learn about him.

TN_September12Q: Please Explain Your Role with Nortec.

A: I work with our new and existing customers as well as our key partners such as LifeSize, Mitel and Microsoft here in the Philadelphia/Tri-State area.



Q: You’re new with Nortec. Why did you choose to work with Nortec?

A: Yes, I’ve been with Nortec for about 3 months. As a former independent consultant, I was familiar with Nortec and really appreciated the great job they had done for my customers, so when the chance arose to work for them, I jumped at it.

Q: What are most of your customers looking to accomplish?

A: Most come to us for our depth of expertise in IT Infrastructure and Unified Communications.

Q: What are the most common problems your customers have?

A: We do a lot of technology refresh projects, such as moving to the cloud for both voice and IT. And that’s really where our expertise lies – keeping our customers up-to-date with technology. Everyone wants cost savings and measurable gains in efficiency – that’s overwhelmingly the overriding goal.

Q: If you could give your customers one piece of advice what would it be?

A: If in doubt, re-boot.

Q: What would your customers be surprised to learn about you?

A: I used to race bicycles – I was a track racer – at a fairly high level. I specialized in match sprint events.

Meet Betsy Padgett, Director of Strategic Accounts for clients in the DC-Metro area, as well as Maryland, Eastern Pennsylvania, Central New Jersey, and South Carolina. Read on to learn more:

Q. Who are your typical customers?

A: Generally they are Large to Medium sized Commercial Accounts.

Q: What are most of your customers looking to accomplish?

A: Currently I’m seeing a lot of MS Services, in particular, Systems Center deployments and support needs; as well as datacenter consolidations and/or movement to Cloud services.

Q: What are the most common challenges your customers have?

A: Most customers have specific tactical IT challenges they wish to engage on initially. They seek relief around Microsoft applications issues/upgrades or best practices for storage and messaging. Once I learn about their overall IT landscape, I try to help them prioritize their challenges strategically and assist them with setting goals for the short and long term depending on their systemic issues.

Q: Why did you join Nortec?

A: At this point in my career I wanted to be a part of a genuinely close knit team. I wanted a positive work environment with strong leadership who shared similar values with me around integrity and character. It is also important that the organization places great value on the depth of talent and experience of the people they choose to hire. Nortec certainly meets every area of the criteria I wanted and more. Greatness breeds more greatness!

Q: If you could give your customers one piece of advice, what would it be?

A: This is quite a tricky question particularly from a sales professional’s perspective. I view this as more of a proclamation or slogan sort of question (e.g. “Always put your trust in me” or “Go Nortec or Go Home”) that I do not subscribe to on a general basis for my customers. I find that most customers of any size or industry value good common sense, authenticity, relevant experience and advice customized to their specific challenges or needs.

Q: What superpower do you wish you had?

A: Telepathy. I believe it would be useful to be able to read and project influence, words, and images at my will into the minds of others – as long as I wouldn’t lose or compromise any of my own energy or sleep with this power!

Two helpful quick tips from Betsy:

Tip #1: Throughout my career I have been blessed to have known quite a few legitimately successful professionals who have inspired me (and many others) through their actions and/or quotes. As a result, I have been collecting inspirational, insightful, and relevant quotes for years that often can be a timely motivational resource to push toward success for me or others.

There are many social media websites/subscriptions that deliver daily quotes and (business) parables to subscribers that make it easy for me to save and share – let me know if you ever need one. Some days are better than others and I prefer to be prepared for the days that are not so great.

Tip #2: Always be consciously aware of what you say, do, and how you impact others around you as much as possible. It can surprise you when you see who are watching

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