TEAM NORTEC / April 2014

TeamNortec_April2014Meet Steven Meehan, Network Administrator and Gerri Pineda, Office Manager for Nortec.  Besides saving the day for his clients, read on to learn what hidden talent just might make Steve famous one day. And learn about Gerri’s busy days and how this 7-year Nortec veteran became an actual queen!

Q. Tell us a little bit about your job.

Steve:  I’m working with customers making sure their networks whether desktop or servers are running smoothly.

Gerri:  There are no typical days!  I handle everything from property management issues like key cards for the office, answering phones, handling the mail, accounts receivable and payable and a ton of other stuff!

Q:  What are the most common challenges your customers have?

Steve:   Mostly there’s a general need for really great IT support – getting everything they need with the best service they can get.

Q:  Why did you join Nortec?

Steve:  I liked the idea of being with multiple clients. I learn a lot this way; their challenges make me a better professional.  I like to learn new things, so it’s a great fit.

Gerri:  I’ve been with Nortec for 7 years.  I really like the flexibility and autonomy I’m given to do my job the best way I can.

Q: What would you tell folks interested in working for Nortec?

Gerri:  If you’re able to expand yourself and go beyond what you were hired to do, you should go for it!

Q: If you could give your customers one piece of advice what would it be?

Steve: Be open to new technologies. Be willing to adapt beyond what you’re used to.

Q:  What would your co-workers or clients be surprised to learn about you?

Steve:  I enjoy writing stories. Mostly fiction.  I was working on a story before I joined Nortec that’s being edited right now and will hopefully be published on Amazon Kindle.   It’s an urban fantasy.

Gerri:  I was Queen of the Town in my hometown in the Philippines!  I had my own float and court of princesses who threw flower petals. I still have the picture!

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