Team Nortec: Janet Manuel & Daniel Cornell

Sept13_TeamNortecMeet Janet Manuel, Director of Strategic Accounts and Nortec newbie (she started in May), and Daniel Cornell, a former – now current again – Nortec Account Executive. Read on to learn why Janet would like to travel through time, and what lessons Daniel learned while on hiatus.

Q: Janet and Daniel, what are your roles with Nortec?
Janet: I work with clients, partners and future customers to deliver Nortec solutions in the Philadelphia market.
Daniel: I focus on new accounts and account management, primarily development.

Q: Daniel, you’ve just returned from being away from Nortec. What made you return?
Daniel: While I’ve been with Nortec now for about 2 months, I had worked here for four and half years previously. Nortec’s model for success made me really appreciate that business model and culture. There’s also a lot of longevity at Nortec – many of the engineers that had been at Nortec before I left were still there. And that’s important to me – and I think to our customers.

Q:Are there some common themes you’re hearing from your customers right now?
Janet: Education on some of the newer Microsoft platforms is what I’m hearing most. Our customers are hearing about Office 365 and Lync, but they don’t necessarily know how to implement them – how they might benefit their organizations. My job is to understand what’s important to them – and their business model – so that they can be successful.
Daniel: The most common challenge I hear is the IT budget. IT is the core of any business and it’s important for clients to look for way s to do things smarter, faster, better. Our solutions can help – and make things easier.

Q: If you could give your customers one piece of advice what would it be?
Janet: Keep up with the latest technologies and solutions that could potentially help them meet their business goals. It’s challenging to keep up!
Daniel: Don’t believe everything you hear.

Q: What superpower do you wish you had?
Janet: Time travel. I’d love to go back in time and explore other cultures – really be there – not just read about it.
Daniel: I would want to know what other people are thinking, regardless of what they are saying!

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